History of the company
Our history is our experience, the company has long and firmly established itself in the building materials market.
April 1, 1991

A constituent document on the creation of the Beloozersky small state-owned enterprise for the production of building materials was signed between the Brest Regional Cooperative-State Production Design and Construction Association for Rural Construction and the initiative group for the creation of a small enterprise.

April 24, 2003

The Brest Regional Executive Committee has registered the Beloozersky Concrete Products Plant State Unitary Production Enterprise in the unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs under No. 200022173.

The plant was built in order to fully saturate the market of the Brest region with building materials.

This production was equipped with a set of equipment for the production of wall vibropressed blocks of the French company "Demler".

UE “Beloozersky Concrete Products Plant” is engaged in the production of building materials and is one of the leaders in the consumer market. The main types of products currently manufactured by the enterprise are paving slabs, wall blocks, ragged (chipped) blocks, pavement curbs, road curbs, foundation blocks, concrete rings, formwork blocks for manure removal channels.

For the production of these concrete products, vibrocompression technology is used.

This compaction, squeezing semi-dry concrete mixture under the influence of vibration and compression. Semi-dry concrete mixture is fed into the matrix (mold), which is affected by the lower vibration, at the same time compression is made by the punch from above.

The vibrocompression method is highly productive.

The technology for the production of concrete products by this method is very popular and in demand for several reasons:

  • the produced small-sized concrete products are in great demand both in private construction (erection of fences, houses, improvement of household plots, and in industrial construction (arrangement of roads, gas stations, parking lots, parks, pedestrian walkways);
  • the production of vibropressed products involves the use of accessible materials (crushed stone, sand, cement, etc.);
  • the ability to use vibrating presses of different configurations to meet the needs of the market.

This technology allows us to produce concrete products with strict geometric accuracy, a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures. This method is largely automatic, which eliminates the influence of the human factor on product quality, and also makes it possible to carry out production on a large scale.

When vibropressing, semi-dry concrete mixtures with a low water-cement ratio are used, which allow the production of high strength products. Such concrete has a high frost resistance, very resistant to mechanical stress. Products from it can be used on roads with a constant traffic flow.

Thus, the advantages of vibropressed tiles are obvious: they produce products of high strength, durability, frost resistance, with an ideal geometric shape, a flat surface and a wide selection of relief patterns for every taste.

Currently, the Demler line operates with high productivity. Significant funds are allocated for the technical modernization of the plant, the development of new products, measures are being taken to reduce costs.

The most demanded products manufactured at the enterprise are paving slabs six and eight centimeters thick in different colors: gray, red, green. The production of yellow and black tiles was mastered, as well as tiles four centimeters thick. These products are in demand in the construction market of the region and not only.

Recently, the private sector has revived. The population is attracted by the pricing policy of the enterprise and an individual approach to each client. Actively continuing work on new types of products, in particular on the new configuration unit.

Well-coordinated work of the team, the implementation of the program to reduce costs (the use of alternative types of raw materials, the accumulation of supplies of inert materials, the purchase of raw materials on an advance payment, using the proposed discounts) and high quality products

Of course, a good bonus for customers is that the company delivers products. The company's products have established itself as a reliable and durable material and are widely used not only in the Brest region, but also in other regions of Belarus and the CIS countries.

Among the most impressive labor victories of UE “Beloozersky ZBI” are the title “Industry Leader of 2014” of the international rating Union of National Business Ratings and an Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus.

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